These are our guidelines for ethical game playing here at GPL,

1. Play the game with fairness.
- Do not team kill
- Do not sabotage another members game

2. Treat teammates and competitors with respect.
- Do not trash talk teammates or opponents
- Constructive criticism is allowed

3. Game queuing
-First come first serve, group up in teamspeak
-Rank or seniority does not matter, all gamers are equal

4. Re-squad/Disconnect
-During a disconnect early in the match the team maybe decide to leave and re-squad up
- During a late round disconnect late in the match the team may decide to wait until end of game to re-squad up
- If a game is in progress and a member gets online the team will not re-squad until the game is over

If you feel that that these policies have been abused, please document and submit a complaint.
Rules 3 and 4 do not apply to team practices. Use discretion.